30 January 2008

Yummy Nonya Kaya

i found this Nonya Kaya receipe from a food blog by a NTU undergraduate. simple enough, so i decided to make Kaya tonight. i don't have a breadmaker, so i used the traditional over-the-stove method. because i'm a very careless and impatient person, it has to be double boil method, so that i won't burn the bottom! wahahahaa...

conclusion, it tasted just like how my 外婆 used to make it when we visited her in JB many many years ago. as i was stirring my kaya, i was reminiscing those times. i'm going to ask my uncle to bring home a bottle for her, with a big ang pow for CNY.


Yummy Nonya Kaya
1 cup or 250ml coconut milk
1 cup or 250ml egg, beaten (approx 4 eggs)
3/4 cup sugar
10-15 pandan leaves

1. Wash, dry and tie the pandan leaves in bundles (or alternatively use Pandan juice, see below).
2. Put all ingredients into a stainless steel pot placed over a bigger pot with tap water (double boil method).
3. Heat up till water is boiling. Allow the water to continue boiling over a small flame. Top up water if necessary. Stir the kaya mixture continuously. This will take up to almost an hour.
4. Kaya will be curdy and watery. Allow to cool before blending. Store in glass jars.
5. Enjoy Kaya on a slice of toasted bread with butter. Yummy!

i used my stick blender (Braun MR4050), so i could actually blend the kaya right in the pot while it's still hot.

pandan juice - blend 10-15 pandan leaves (cut into small pieces) with just enough water to cover the leaves in the blender. strain using a sieve.

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Jo said...

I decided to make nonya kaya today from what I can remember from my younger days at home in Malaysia. My mum used to make it for her pulut(I think). So I beat up 5 eggs, mixed half cup of lite coconut milk with grounded pandan leaves to make it green, about 2tbs of caster sugar (trying to be diet conscious). I cooked this on the stove on low heat. Towards the end, I noticed it started going lumpy and oh...$%#@!. I thought I had cooked it on too high heat. So I quickly stirred in 1 tbs of corn flour and blended the mixture and saved it. It turned out to be quite a nice green kaya which is quite yummy. Anyway, I got on the internet and googled up 'nonya kaya'to see how it's done. Blending it when it got lumpy was actually the correct thing to do after all, hehe, except for the 1 tbs of cornflour.